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EMCegghead ATM, is a family owned and operated business since 2005. Serving California and Michigan for 14 proud years!

Our Mission is to provide Superior Customer Service with the care that escapes Big Business Banking.

Equipped with the top of the line technology, Michigan’s #1 Mobile ATM division, and our Elite customer service reputation. We are California and Michigan’s favorite ATM provider!

Our Mobile Division is actively growing in the state of Michigan for the last 8 years. Over this growth, EMCegghead ATM has developed the precision of providing a mobile ATM machine for ANY size event. Onsite ATM technicians for troubleshooting and ensuring quality service during all events.

Our highly trained service representatives will work closely with each of our customers. We look to increase our years of experience in helping produce a profitable, stress free event. We also provide advertisement for clients on all EMCegghead permanent/mobile ATM locations, website and social media. A Senior Representative will devise an ideal placement for each ATM. A 24-hour onsite technician will be assigned to each customer to secure an successful event.